ActivInspire Cheatsheet

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Attached to this page is a 6-page PDF file that could help you with ActivInspire.

If you are already using ActivStudio 3, then a handy reference for you would be this Microsoft Word document at In fact, the Dillon School District Two (Dillon, SC) website has a lot of useful documents.

I went to a training in Louisville, TN on the 14th and 15th of September and that handout sheet isn't something I can handout (it's not for distribution). I made my own reference sheet and I've added more information than that training handout. Their handout was rich in pictures, but light on text; My handout has 32 pictures, and a lot of text. I use a free app, called flesh which gives a Flesch-Kincaid reading level:

Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level:       7.54
Flesh Reading Ease Score: 68.13
Sentences: 123
Words: 1,874
Average Syllables per Word: 1.46
Average Words per Sentence: 15.24

And this is what I cover in those 123 sentences:

  • How to recover a dashboard that doesn't start when ActivInspire starts.
  • A Screen shot of ActivInspire Primary and some ideas why you might want to use that appearance setting.
  • A Screen shot of ActivInspire Studio and some ideas why you might want to use that appearance setting. (Note I just changed the program's appearance, the program was in the same state so that you could compare and contrast the two settings - Primary vs. Studio).
  • How to adjust the toolbox, such as pinning and rolling it up.<.li>
  • With the Marquee and Sizing handles, how to edit an object.
  • Right clicking (which means on a Mac with a single-button mouse, holding the control key as you click - also called control-clicking).
  • Design mode and Presentation mode and how to switch between them as well as troubleshoot why stuff isn't working as you would think it would.
  • Details on the connector tool (good for concept maps)
  • The difference between the eraser and Magic Ink.
  • The Insert Media icon on the Toolbox
  • The Text tool
  • The clear functions
  • The reset functions

Mark West,
Oct 7, 2009, 8:26 AM