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Understanding what a Chromebook is NOT

"Remember: Chrome OS devices are not general-purpose PCs."
source: Developer Information for Chrome OS Devices

How are they different? Well, you don't really install software as you do with a traditional PC. You go to an app store, like you would for an ipad. A Chromebook is a lot like an iPad with a keyboard so that looks like a laptop. Chromebooks also use a different store to buy apps from (because they're not Apple products). Learn more about Chrome Extensions.

Enrolling a Chromebook into a Google Domain

How To Enroll Chrome devices.


This is basically doing a Factory Reset. Here's how to do it, however, "Note that if you "powerwash" the device, you will not be able to enroll it." (into a Google domain).

So, if powerwashing is going to mess you up, what can you do? Restore.

Restoring A Chromebook

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