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Embedding One Flipchart In Another

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by MARK WEST 03/15/10

"Right Clicking"

You can "right click" on a Mac with a single button mouse. To do so, you can do either of the following:

  1. Press and hold the Control Key while clicking.
  2. (This one only works if you have a Mac with a touchpad - usually a laptop) place two fingers on the touchpad while clicking.

Embedding One Flipchart In Another

Sometimes, you don't want access to additional flipchart information (perhaps supplemental material or perhaps the next lesson). Rather than opening a bunch of flipcharts, or inserting lots of pages from other lesson into one gigantic flipchart, we can embed a flipchart inside another to give you an optional link.

The following video shows you that embedding is just as easy as clicking and dragging one flipchart inside another: