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How To Register ActiVotes

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by MARK WEST 01/24/12

Registering ActiVotes

"ActiVotes" sometimes fail and have to be replaced, othertimes you may even get a new set. When the voter is new to your system, you may need to register it. This page discusses the registration of learner response units in ActivInspire. For this write up, ActivInspire 1.6.47432 for Max OS will be used.

You need your voting browser. If the browsers aren't displayed, click on the View menu and select Browsers.

The Voting Browser is the one on the far right; it looks like an ActiVote behind an ActivExpression.

You tell by the list above that voter number 001 is missing from the list. I click on the clipboard icon and bring up Device Registration:

I click on the ActivHub and then on the device I am registering (in this case, ActiVotes). It shows that I have 30 ActiVotes registered. I click on the Register button, and it asks me how many units I would like to register:

Since I am only registering 1, I press next. and I am prompted to pick up a voter, press the center "flame button" and enter a three-letter code:

When I hold the center flame button, both lights light up:

If only the red light stays on for a long time long by itself, or nothing happens, try changing the three "AAA" batteries inside the ActiVote. The back of the top part of the case is like a secret compartment (gently tug on the foam of the inside lid; it comes away to reveal a hidden area). It contains a Torx screwdriver (Pro's Kit 9400-T10H), but any Torx T10H head will fit the screw in the back of an ActiVote. Sometimes a close size will also work (such as T15), but a T10H is probably the best thing to get.

I enter the code (this time it's B E D; the code changes each time you enter a registration session):

The "0 of 1 devices increments to 1 of 1 devices". If I were registering a bunch of deives, I could continue pressing center flame buttons, and enter the three-letter code, but I am finished. I press finish and am returned back to the main registration screen:

I now have 31 registered voters but if you look at the screen above the last device (the most recently registered voter) has a serial number of ed913 and it's name is "Mark". Since I need a number, I will change it's name. I press the "Rename button" on ed913:Mark.

I enter a new name, press the OK button on the computer, and then press any letter key on the activote. The Avtivote named ed913 now is named 001:

You can press the "Done" button, because we are done.

Here are the highlights of the Voting Browser in a nutshell: