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Number Line (Resource)

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by MARK WEST 04/29/10

"Right Clicking"

You can "right click" on a Mac with a single button mouse. To do so, you can do either of the following:

  1. Press and hold the Control Key while clicking.
  2. (This one only works if you have a Mac with a touchpad - usually a laptop) place two fingers on the touchpad while clicking.

Number line

This tutorial aids a teacher in the following 5th-8th grade math Grade Level Expectations:

0506.2.9 Explore numbers less than 0 by extending the number line through familiar applications (e.g., temperatures below zero, owing money, measuring elevation below sea level).

0506.3.4 Solve single-step linear inequalities and graph solutions on a number line.

0506.3.6 Recognize there are many numbers between any two whole numbers on the number line.

0606.2.1 Efficiently compare and order fractions, decimals and percents; determine their approximate locations on a number line.
0606.2.7 Locate positive rational numbers on the number line.
0606.2.8 Locate integers on the number line.

0706.2.4 Determine the approximate location of square/cube roots on a number line.
0706.2.4 Understand that a and –a are additive inverses and are located the same distance from zero on the number line; relate distance from zero to absolute value.
0706.2.6 Use the number line to demonstrate addition and subtraction with integers.
0706.2.9 Efficiently compare and order rational numbers and roots of perfect squares/cubes; determine their approximate locations on a number line.

0806.2.1 Order and compare rational and irrational numbers and locate on the number line.

The numberline objects available in the resource packs of ActivInspire look a bit juvenile, so at a request I prepared an easy-to-insert image file:

a numberline

Now besides this line, you can also find many fine, ready-to-use number lines here:

If you are comfortable with the GIMP, I have included the XCF file (the GIMP image source) for the number line below.


Additionally, I have created a ready made flipchart with a number line for your downloading ease and pleasure.

Here is a link to the number line flipchart.
Here is a link to the number line flipchart in ZIP format.
Here is a link to the number line image (in PNG - Portable Network Graphic format). It's ready to be inserted into your favorite mathematic flipchart.
Here is a link to the number line image (in XCF - Gimp's native format, so it can be changed in the GIMP).