ActivBoard 300 Pro Troubleshooting
[Advanced Lesson] Creating a Double Bar Graph Excel (or NeoOffice) to Inspire
"Anything" Containers as Notepads
Attachments with Webmail
Bookmarks (Internet)
Clock (using it for timed testing preparation)
Containers (ActivInspire)
Coordinate Plane Flipchart
Creating A Venn Diagram [Video Tutorial]
Creating Questions For Learner Responses
Creating Questions For Learner Responses
Dictionaries & Thesauruses [online]
Discovery Ed (instruction)
Discovery Ed (making RTI probes)
Document Camera
Embedding One Flipchart In Another
Example (Bloom's Taxonomy and Predicates)
Forwarding K12 email to pcsstn
Google Lit Trips
How to Capture A Screen Snapshot (Studio and Inspire)
How To Make A Game (ActivInspire)
How To Make A Game (ActivStudio 3)
How To Register ActiVotes
Importing A Resource Pack
Importing Powerpoint (on a Mac) in ActivInspire (Work-around)
Importing Video With iMovie (video tutorial)
K-U-D Organizer (doc file)
Making A Timeline
Mirroring Your Desktop For The Projector
Number Line (Resource)
Page Turn Effects
Promethean Training (Intro)
Strategically Using Color In Your Flipcharts
Student Learning Maps
Teacher Lock
Tutorial: Hidden Text Reveal
Tutorial Magic Inked Text
Tutorial: Magic Revealer
Tutorial: Pop-up Text Over A Picture
Update your version of Inspire
Using Animated GIFs
Using Wolfram|Alpha To Enhance Math, Science, Language, Social Studies And More In ActivInspire
Video Tutorial: Sliding Identifier
Video Tutorial-Text Reveals Picture
Voting with Classroom Response Units (clickers, eggs)
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